Introducing a New Podcast: Learned Hands

Suppose it was always likely to come to this but the apocalypse has made it inevitable. I started a podcast. HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY, CORONAVIRUS.

Regardless allow me to launch Learned Hands: The Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association, hosted by the inimitable Maester Merry from Up From Under Winterfell and yrs truly.

Learned Hand of the King
This guy’s name was Learned Hand, see. It’s a pin pun.

Our first episode is titled The Long Night Court: Does the Night’s Watch Oath give Lord Commander Jon Snow the Authority to Lead the Wildlings Through the Wall?

We tackle this quandary by answering the following questions:
-How is the Night’s Watch Oath like a Constitution?
-What do the applicable legal canons of construction say about how Jon Snow should interpret the Oath?
-What does the Oath say about Jon Snow’s war powers?

ALL THIS AND MORE. You can listen on Spotify, or on Buzzsprout, or you can Download the MP3 here.