The goal of this blog is to provide a kind of legal compendium

To the best of the author’s ability, the intent of this work is to chronicle and publish all discussion of legal topics relating to the A Song Of Ice And Fire universe, written and created by George R. R. Martin. This chronicle may take the form of original work by the author of this blog, links to the scholarly work of others, or quotes from the text itself. The ultimate goal is to provide a searchable database of the law of Westeros, Essos, and other known realms within the universe. A sort of West(eros)Law database, if you will. That will take some time, so please be patient while the data is compiled.

In the meantime, I will not try to recreate work that has already been done. If I find a treatise on a legal topic that is complete, I will simply link to it with appropriate tags and commentary if warranted.

I will attempt to compile not just the laws themselves, but also relevant legal theories and philosophies that may relate to the statecraft of Westeros, Essos, and other known Planetos realms.

I welcome any and all contributions. Please drop me a line if you have a link, suggestion, or commentary that you’d like to share.

This will always be a work in progress

The word “law” is mentioned 166 times in ASOIAF works published prior to 2018. Many of these mentions are not unique. Other laws are mentioned obliquely (i.e. a lord has the “right of pit and gallows”). However, while the universe of legal reference within the published works is finite, the potential for robust legal discussion is not.

Thus, even if we exhaust the list of explicit mentions (unlikely!) we will never be finished chronicling the implicit discussion of legal topics. So if you see a topic that we haven’t yet covered, let us know! I also welcome polite disagreement or critique. Just don’t be a jerk, I get enough of that in my day job.

This blog is not intended to offer predictions or theories as to what will happen next, nor will it delve into magical or metaphysical mysteries. This blog is about the laws of gods and men, with a strong emphasis on the latter.

This is not a theory-crafting blog. There are plenty of those out there if you look, so don’t expect it here. I will also not be offering much (if any) literary critique or analysis.

Similarly, I don’t intend to have much commentary on the magical fantasy elements of ASOIAF, except to the extent that they interact with the legal prohibitions therein. I will discuss religious law and custom, but primarily as they interact with the laws of the relevant sovereigns.